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Imperfectly Perfect Life…

When I was young a friend of mine used to tell me "You are lucky to have a sister Apara". That time I used to wonder what's so special about having a sister? I just felt that maybe she just wanted to comfort me. You must be thinking why did I use that word. Right?… Continue reading Imperfectly Perfect Life…

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This is one of my most cherished poem...I wrote it when I was in 10th class...And like everybody appreciated it and I still love this one...There was darkness...All around!There was sadness...In every sound!Then...someone came and lit meThe place became bright.Everything started glowing,With hope and with my light!I was in pain...And I cried!The table got white… Continue reading Candle

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The bitter truth!

Lets see some Truths of out society and Our leaders!The far out vision...True enough we all know about the law of nature "Survival of the fittest" And the same gets applied everywhere. People who have resources get everything but what about the deficient? Why we don't do anything for them? For Development It's important for… Continue reading The bitter truth!