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Maybe "we" are the problem

These days women empowerment has become the new hype. Everyday my Facebook TL is filled with feminist posts. Most of them talking about how women are deprived of their freedom, how they are constantly judged on their appearance and their choices, how men look at them as inferior beings and try to dominate them both… Continue reading Maybe "we" are the problem

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The bitter truth!

Lets see some Truths of out society and Our leaders!The far out vision...True enough we all know about the law of nature "Survival of the fittest" And the same gets applied everywhere. People who have resources get everything but what about the deficient? Why we don't do anything for them? For Development It's important for… Continue reading The bitter truth!

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Yoga: A Way To Make Life Better!

So, I think i need to tell everyone what is one of the most beautiful thing that has happened in my life! And that thing is YOGA! People tell about their love, their friends and all kinds of stuffs like that but why i chose this one first is because of the person who has… Continue reading Yoga: A Way To Make Life Better!