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Incomplete Love…

We may or may not have experienced One-sided love but we all have a faint idea that how it can make you feel...This story is as i see one-sided love through my eyes!For the chat she had...she loved himFor the care he showed....she loved him!She couldn't stop smiling every timeShe now could make love rhymeBut then… Continue reading Incomplete Love…

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Something Called Love—Chapter 2: Some Decisions

"She dreamt it that night...Sitting besides her in Candlelight!Was love of her life...Asking her to be his wife""Anjuuu.... get up! You'll get late for the school", Anjali woke up at the call of her mother! The smile was so wide that she was unable to hide it anyway! "Holy shit Why was it only a… Continue reading Something Called Love—Chapter 2: Some Decisions