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Friend or Foe? Your choice.

As an Indian kid, I grew up watching daily soaps with my mother. Each show had the same concept, a simple girl just trying to live her life the way she wants and some other girl trying to put her down. My mother always told me “aurat hi aurat ki sabse badi dushman hai” (A woman is a woman’s worst enemy). I did not understand how true it was until it started happening to me.
Whenever something bad happened to me, a girl was most likely to be behind all of it. I have hated myself, all because of what I heard about me or whatever happened to me. My entire life I had girls spreading rumors, revealing my secrets, snatching the people who made me happy, making fun of my looks, body shaming me or trying to take away opportunities from me. And I still kept looking for validation from them.
I barely had women (except for the one’s in my family) in my life who supported me. I won’t deny talking behind someone else’s back. I did it to people who I knew (or was told so) did it to me. I never lied & thought of it as revenge. Little did I know that it was doing more harm to me than good.
As a 26 year old, I have more women friends than enemies and it has had such a huge positive impact on my life! I always had guy friends who admired me but it was never the same. They have a different way of expressing their emotions and sometimes they do not even understand the things I talk about, support or want for myself. You cannot just keep doing things with the same enthusiasm if you do not see it making any positive impact, right? This support is the reason why I keep trying new things. Female doodlers/ artists inspired me to channel the artist inside me and the support encouraged me to keep going.
For a society as a whole, it’s crucial for us women to stop this girl on girl hate and to start admiring each other and pushing others forward. We already have a lot of things holding us back. In this fight against gender inequality, we need to stand together and not against each other.
Embrace the diversity that we are and let the world know that we want to be all of it and more! ✨
Happy Women’s Day ❤️
I know it’s two days too late but better late than never, right? I finally got time today, figured out what I wanted to make and practiced it like a 100 times before I was confident enough to post it. I tried making a fair one like 5 times and ruined all of them with the anxiety and heat sweats my palms were generating. Finally, I decided to just post the rough one 🙄
So here’s my rough practice brush calligraphy of a quote I loved on pinterest.

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