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When feelings flood in…

When feelings flood in

And there aren’t enough words

To drain them out,

Instead of drowning in them


Or Doodle.

Ah well! That didn’t rhyme at all (but that’s okay)…

Writing has been my escape and a way to vent out my feelings since childhood. I used to maintain a diary as a kid and a teenager. It was easier to express feelings to a diary than to actual people. It wasn’t judgmental and also listened carefully to what I had to say.

Gradually the casual rants converted to poems and stories.

But sometimes, I’m not able to collect all my thoughts and put them down on a paper in the form of words.

After I joined my job, I had a lot to say, but not enough internet access and time. When I got the internet access, I started suffering from a writer’s block and then somewhere in between, I started feeling like I wasn’t good at it.

I was suffering from inferiority complex for some reason. I just couldn’t write. It was foolish and painful!

I used to go to my blog, start a post, write a few lines, delete them, rephrase them, save the draft and log out.

“I’ll finish it later”, I’d think. “Or maybe not. Who would want to read it anyway?”. Things went on like this. One and a half years passed, with no new post on the blog.

“I’d write something tomorrow”, but the tomorrow never came.

Every form of art attracts me, may it be dancing, singing, writing or sketching or anything else. I used to sketch, draw and paint a lot as a kid. But that faded away with the lack of time to devote. But I did follow a lot of artists on Facebook and Instagram.

One fine day, I discovered that those doodles we all used to make on the back pages of our notebooks have found their place in the art world too!  I found that there’s a whole world dedicated to them, with different categories too.

So on a whim I decided to start doodling. I bought a set of pen on Amazon and a drawing book from the store near my PG.

But what to draw?

I did not know where to start!

I searched a few designs on Google and found one that I found easy and beautiful. But I did not copy it as it is. I changed the layout a little bit and added some of my own patterns in it:


It wasn’t a masterpiece. But for sometime, it became my favorite piece of art of all times! because I created it myself (Yes I am a narcissist).

At first I had no idea of what to make. I took inspiration from what I saw on Pinterest and Google and to my surprise people were actually liked my amateur attempt!


I found myself making a lot of doodles in office. I practiced whenever I got time. But as I’m not allowed to bring my notepad out of office, I cannot show them to you 😦

My confidence grew with time and I decided to try my hands on sketching too. I was sketching after a long time and I was scared.

I Googled a few portraits and found one of a lady and thought of giving it a try. I wasn’t a very big fan of how the original one looked so I made some changes in the eyes, nose, lips and eyebrows and I personally feel it turned out good.



The next one is inspired from a mandala art on one of the walls of my office. I played with some colors in this one:


Gradually, I became comfortable enough to make designs by myself and so this is what I created after experimenting on my office notepad (This one is my favorite):


I have never been very good (and confident) at drawing people but that cannot stop me from trying, right?

I tried creating a sketch of a selfie my flatmates and I took on my birthday party. I did not make eyes because I knew I’d ruin it (even more):


I developed an obsession with making zentangles and mandalas. I wanted to create a piece with lots of circles and designs intertwined. I had a completely different design in my mind, based on some inspiration I found on Pinterest, but ended up creating this:


I’m quite comfortable with experimenting now but still do some research before making anything.

I still have to work a lot on my self confidence.


Remember how as kids, our teachers taught us scratch art? First we used to make patterns in crayon on a page and then cover it with black paint and the scratch the paint with help of a pin or blade? Recently, I created something in that too:


“How do you do it?”, People ask me.

There’s nothing very typical about it. Really! It’s as easy as art can get. And therapeutic too. Just find some inspiration.

I feel everyone should try. It calms my mind, gives me a feeling of satisfaction and makes me happy.

You can be an artist too! All you need is a pen, a paper, a little imagination and some concentration (you’ll even build it along the way) and you are good to go.

11 thoughts on “When feelings flood in…

  1. I completely agree with you – everybody could become an artist, as we are born with artistic skills – most of the people forget this amazing in-born creativity before they reach the age of 3:) Would love to invite you to take a look at my blog too – have a blessed Sunday:)

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