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​“Not everything is about you”


I‘m no expert but this is something that I’ve learned in Yoga and would like to share

Ego is one of the most inescapable trait. No matter how much you deny having it, you still possess it.  When mine starts inflating, the sentence in the title can deflate it in a fraction of a second.

There are more than 7 billion people on this planet. You know a very minuscule percentage of them and maybe a little ove r(or under) who know you. All these people have better things to do in their lives than think about you. A large percentage doesn’t even care that you exist then what’s the ego about?

Don’t let your ego feed on you. Better “Starve your ego and feed your soul”.

There’s nothing wrong in being proud of our success or in loving ourselves. But there’s a thin line between doing that and boasting and that can be easily crossed. Whenever we’re being challenged or something is not going the way we want it to, our ego starts to inflate. We start to get angry with the situation. 

This fills our mind with negativity. Hatred starts building up for the people responsible. In such situations it’s important to remember the first sentence of this answer. Everybody is important. Those people may even hold a special place in your life. Don’t let your ego come in the way of something far more worthwhile than a minor expectation.

One of the most surprising and truest thing I learned was that most people are afraid of being alone. Becaise, when we’re alone we can hear our thoughts louder. As no one else is around to judge, we tend to think about our ownselves, even our shortcomings and it scares many people.  Because it’s far more easier to see others mistakes than our own.

I found this theory preposterous at first, but soon realized that I was that person!  

If asked, to list someone’s shortcomings anybody will be able to do it far more easily than listing their own. We may even deny them. Our ego feeds on this quality. If someone brings them into light we tend to get offended. It’s not easy to accept our own imperfections. But isn’t there a saying Nobody’s perfect?  Instead of judging others we need to know ourselves better. Accepting our own imperfections helps us to feed our soul and starve our ego.

Ego builds negativity, hatred and anger. When it teams up with attitude it causes some serious damage. Every time you feel such emotions building up. Wait for a second and think “Is it You or your Ego?”

Every time negativity tries to build up, try to think of the positives. Positivity is the key. Fill up your mind with positivity. Let it drain all the negativity and doubts out of your head and fill it with happy thoughts. The moment you realize that taking things lightly and having a positive approach towards life is the most important you’ll shed your ego and head towards happiness and tranquility.

Wrote this on Quora as an answer to the question: What is the one sentence which kills your ego?


4 thoughts on “​“Not everything is about you”

  1. Great post, honestly. As someone who falls in the borderline narcissistic archetype, I often find myself struggling with whether something in my life is about me or of greater significance. I noticed you used the words, “Starve your ego and feed your soul”. Are you familiar with the track by The Glitch Mob? It’s an electronic track with the same title. That track is perhaps my answer to the Quora question that inspired your post.

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    1. Thank you! I didn’t know about the track. I thought of it, maybe it was in the back of my head and searched if it was a quote by someone but found no reference so just used it 😬 Thanks again for letting me know 😊


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