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Life In Ten Words

A blooming rosebud, captured by me in 2014

Sometimes you don’t need to speak a lot, you just have to speak right. 

Last year I wrote a few 10 word stories as an answer on Quora and I just felt like sharing them here:

  • All she wanted was love. All he gave was scars.
  • “He’ll become a successful doctor!” Another artist died that day.
  • She had unfair skin but made fair difference in world.
  • *Slap* “How dare you touch me?” He was only helping.
  • He wanted a Barbie and so his father bought one.
  • 500 likes, 100 comments. She sobbed in a corner alone.
  • “Dancing is girly” “Wrestling is for boys” They didn’t care.

Storms will come and go. 

The choice is yours, 

Either live fighting

Or die repenting. 

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