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The terrible day had finally gotten over. Samira started packing up her things in a haste. She did not want everyone to figure out that she had been crying.

“Are you all right? Seems like you have been crying!”, Priya had asked half an hour ago and Samira’s “No! It’s nothing just got something in my eye” did not stop her from strutting around the office and gossiping about the embarrassing encounter in the washroom.

Her boss had just shouted at her for a mistake that she did not even make. Her only mistake being to trust someone to help her. But she could not blame anyone else as it was her duty!

“I don’t know what to do about it now! You’ve messed up pretty bad Samira. I just wish I would have given it to someone else! You are just so careless!”

“I’m really sorry! I can fix this….”

“I don’t want to listen anything from you! You’ve done enough. GET OUT OF MY OFFICE RIGHT NOW!”

She just could not stop thinking about how she messed up things for herself. She finally got out of the office and headed towards the bus stop. Everything still flashing in her head in bits and pieces. She could barely control her tears. She finally got there and sat down in an empty seat.

She had been waiting for only two minutes now, when suddenly it started raining. “Great! just what I needed right now! Another setback in an already horrible day!”, she felt the tears coming again and tried controlling them. As she turned sideways to hide her tears from the strangers standing besides her, her eyes caught two kids joyfully dancing in the rain. Nostalgia overcame her.

Once, during a rainy day, when she was a little kid, her mother had scolded her very bad for not completing her homework and she was crying in her room. Suddenly, her sister barged in and pulled her out of the house and in the rain. They danced and played in the rain for an hour and she forgot the reason of her sadness. It was one of the best memories she had. It was the first time she willingly soaked in the drizzle.

But as she grew up, life started  getting harder and dancing in the rain just became another memory. Now, rainfalls meant just another hurdle in the way of getting to office/home on time.

Samira found herself walking out of the bus stop and on the street. She looked up towards the sky and held out her hands. A smile broke on her face and everyone watched her in surprise. She felt alive.

As the rain fell on her face, her mind was drained of the awful memory of the day.

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This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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