The Choice

As I look at the old photographs,
I reminise about the rocky beaches of Mangalore.
The desire to visit again reminded
How intriguing they were to me
How I could look for hours at
The water gleaming in sunlight
And the beautifully highlighted ripples,
The giant waves splashing on the rocks
And receding back, diminishing,
Becoming a part of the sea again
Swaying the gullible sand
But barely affecting the rocks.
I wondered as I reflected back
How those beaches portrayed life!
When the wave of problems hits hard,
How we can choose
To either be the gullible sand
Or the sturdy rock.
This choice is crucial
We can either lose ourselves, our identity
Or stand our ground and face them
We can either run away
Or face them head on!

There’s no guarantee you’ll win,
But if you’re the rock
You’ll be sculpted over time
You’ll acquire a new shape
A new form, more beautiful
Making you a better version of you.
But as sand, you’ll just remain
Plain as you were before.
Fear would make you lose
The most important thing of all
Your identity will never be the same
The choice is yours…
Either leave fear,
Or leave yourself.

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