Do not Worship the Goddesses!

In India, Judging and objectifying a woman happens more often than praising her for her accomplishments. The other day, my friends and I were just lazying around and talking. You know how girlsโ€™ talks just switch from topic to topic, right? So thatโ€™s what was happening and in midst of it all we ended up… Continue reading Do not Worship the Goddesses!


The Choice

As I look at the old photographs,I reminise about the rocky beaches of Mangalore.The desire to visit again remindedHow intriguing they were to meHow I could look for hours atThe water gleaming in sunlightAnd the beautifully highlighted ripples,The giant waves splashing on the rocksAnd receding back, diminishing,Becoming a part of the sea againSwaying the gullible… Continue reading The Choice