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Dear 2014

Dear 2014,
When you arrived at my doorstep, I thought that you’d bring great gifts for me. You gave me nicely wrapped gift and I was allured by their appearance at first. But gradually when I started opening them up one by one, I found that you wrapped shocking surprises in them, some were totally unexpected. Yes, I cannot say that all of them were bad, but the good ones were just too less. Whenever I look back, I find more sorrows and less joys. You brought me more of downs and less of ups and all this while I’ve hated you for what you did.

But today, while I was again looking back and cringing at all those memories, a sudden thought struck me. Whenever anything bad happened to me this year, may it be my operation or my results or the fights I had or whatever, you also gave me the strength to fight with them. Like, in February, when suddenly a cyst was detected in body, not a normal one, but a really large one and the pain was killing me and I couldn’t do anything about it, you gave me the strength in the form of those homeopathic medicines. It worked like a miracle in just 24 hours. But that was just the starting, in March, on the day of hopi, the pain resurfaced again and this time it doubled and tripled and my body became so weak that I couldn’t even digest whatever I ate. The cyst became larger and it started to become gangrenous and it was fatal as the doc told and an emergency operation had to be performed just on the next day! My mom lost it, everybody around me was scared and tensed, but I don’t know what gave me the strength, I am that one person who cringes at the name of wounds and cuts and operation and stitches, but not this time, my nurses were more nervous than I was. Ana that was the end of it, that was the end of the pain. Yes, I had stitches but the pain wasn’t life taking. Everybody appreciated my bravery and I loved it! Thank you, You changed me! The operation also made my studies suffer and I had 0% idea of what my course was before the internals. But there again, you gave me the peace of mind and decision making ability, so that I could prepare enough to score 7.5 SGPA. It was a big deal, Seriously!

Yes, I hated you before but I now don’t, I love you more than I love the years that gave me the happiest moments of my life, because you taught me the lessons that will always help me in future. You made me understand the strength of endurance, faith, courage, trust and positivity. Also, I finally know that whatever happens is for my own good, so never lose hope and always have faith because something good is always coming your way.

Yours Sincerely,

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