Less of Raksha, More of a Bandhan

I remember this one time when Friendship day and Rakshabandhan fell really close to each other, maybe on the same date and whenever I wanted to tie a friendship band to a guy, they would ask me whether it’s a friendship band or a rakhi and I could do nothing but give them a puzzled look because I wasn’t really aware of the fact that girls would actually forcefully tie rakhis to boys. So their idea is, buy loads and loads of Rakhis just to have loads and loads of brothers who would give you loads and loads of gifts PLUS lesser boys to flirt with you/ talk about you in “wrong way”? Isn’t this all LIKE WOW!??! So maybe we all should carry a bagful of rakhis and tie it to every guy we see looking at us with their “gandi nazar”. Oh wait! That’s what someone said during the Delhi Rape Case right? I don’t remember who that was but I apologise for copying his idea because it’s just too awesome only!

But my bad! When I first heard of this concept, I thought it’s the silliest thing on Earth to do. I thought how can forcefully tying a rakhi to some boy’s wrist save you? And even if it does what will you get by forcefully creating a brother for yourself who doesn’t even feel brotherly protective for you? If this is a good idea then even guys can bring mangalsutra and forcefully tie them in your neck because they love you. That’s equally sensible enough. Then why isn’t this allowed?

By the way do you guys know why we celebrate Rakshabandhan? Ever heard that song “bhaiyya mere rakhi ke bandhan ko nibhana”? And yes it was even in out text books in primary classes if you remember. No? Let me remind you then, Rakshabandhan is a festival to celebrate the bond between a sister and a brother. The never-made-but-always-kept-promises of a brother to his sister that he would always protect her. And a rakhi is a symbol of this promise and sister ties it on the hand of brother so that it keeps reminding him of his promise to her. Rakshabandhan also has it’s historic significance, try googling it if you like.

In simple words Raksha= protective and Bandhan= bond of love. But for some people Rakshabandhan= Protecting yourself from boys by creating a “bandhan” for them than doing something sensible about the situation. In this process girls also make sure they are getting more gifts. If you ask me, Whoever started this tradition of giving gifts to sisters is a hero for girls! Not for me because I don’t have a brother. I had a few rakhi brothers but then gradually they lost their brotherly spirit because they got busy with their studies and competitives and then who has the time these days? Everyone is busy with their own lives, no one has the time to think about others and that’s what happened to them too. I don’t blame them for it. It was a great experience to have someone to care for me and bring me gifts on rakhi. It felt great. But I didn’t force them to be my brother it was a mutual feeling.

People need to understand that they can’t force relations on people. I seriously pity those people who are busy making joke of this lovely relation. I don’t even have a brother and ask me how it feels when all my friends are busy at their homes celebrating this awesome festival and me and my family celebrate it on our own. In years, I haven’t seen my bua tying rakhi on dad’s wrist because we live far away from our family. I hear mom telling my dad that she cried during the speech by a girl in school on the importance of Rakshabandhan because she doesn’t get to tie the rakhi she buys for her brother. I don’t know all those feelings but I know that sometimes I really wish I had a brother. And then there are people in India who are popular, people love them, sometimes even worship them and they set a very bad example for the society by giving pathetic ideas like “jo bhi apko gandi nazar se dekhe use rakhi bandh do”

But there are some people who set a fabulous example on this occassion. You might have seen pictures in which ladies and girls are tying rakhi on the wrists of soldiers or other people in powere, people who work day and night to protect us. These people earn their rakhi. You can even see the joy in their eyes and sometimes even on their faces when their work is being appreciated like that. Isn’t seeing people being happy about the rakhi better than seeing people cry about it?

Every year I tie the rakhis to dad that my buas send and last year mom even bought extra rakhis. One I ties on dad’s hand and one on my sister’s, she did the same. Because, these are two people in the world I know will always protect me and that’s what’s the spirit of Rakshabandhan is all about.

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