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Micro Poetry-1

I wrote some micro poetry on my twitter and here are some of them. Have a look

Shades of Grey

The shades of grey from past
Grow darker as I keep remembering them. 
Reminding me that they existed 
More and more each day.


The words have got jumbled up now
I don’t remember the exact
But you once said I Love You
I believed you, And today is a punishment.


The silence spoke to me
In the sleepless night
Wisest words I ever heard
Everything true and right.

Inspiration Is everywhere
I little patch of greenery,
A streak of light,
A hazy Rainbow seen,
Enough to brighten up a life.

A Perfect Meal

A perfect breakfast/lunch/dinner would be,
A meal cooked together,
Sharing it on the same plate
With lots of laughter.

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