A Poetic Conversation

It all started with one of my tweets and became a small chain of a beautiful conversation with @Rane_Shradha. Here is our Conversation. A is me and R is shradha 🙂

A:The silence spoke to me~ In the sleepless night~ Wisest words I ever heard~ Everything true and right.

R: I’ve come in fresh-turned :: blue sky beneath me :: and the underworld hurrying toward dawn .

A: In this chaotic world:: Full of Crime:: Peace is the divinity:: Peace is sublime

R: Inside their songs as they’re pulled to the sky :: I no longer know my own name.

A: Somethings above me, Somethings below :: Making me stay attached to my strings

R: Push back the sky until it can never be reached :: my infinity is visible in clouds.

A: I try to touch the sky:: Touch Infinity:: I close my eyes:: Infinity within me.

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