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Imperfectly Perfect Life…

When I was young a friend of mine used to tell me “You are lucky to have a sister Apara”. That time I used to wonder what’s so special about having a sister? I just felt that maybe she just wanted to comfort me. You must be thinking why did I use that word. Right? So let me tell you that I was jealous of her. She was more hardworking than me, used to get better marks, and for more such reasons. Once she told me “Apara please help me out with this sum” That was again a shock. Me? Helping her?ย But now I am older, wiser (not fully wise enough to preach you guys. But yes I am more than I was at that time) and now Iย realizeย that what she meant. I just failed to realize that I too have the potential that I was missing out. She was the only child she used to get bored. On the other hand I had someone to share many feelings with. Someone who would stand by me no matter what.

I would like to quote another instance of my life. I had a best friend at that time. I was jealous of her too for having a lot of money. Money to buy new clothes every other day and that too from the most expensive shops in town. She used to show me those clothes. Feeling jealous doesn’t mean that I hated my parents but just as a child it was a childish fantasy you can say. But one day she confessed something to me and I was really surprised by what she said. Sitting on her house’s terrace talking about nothing she just took out this topic out of nowhere “Apara i just love your clothes. You have a good dressing sense you know. Can you please tell me from where you buy clothes?” I told her. Still the feeling didn’t go. Now it’s gone for an obvious reason.
Many a times in life we feel jealous of people. We feel like “God! Why am I not that lucky enough?”. We feel jealous because they have it and you don’t. We fail to realise that what WE HAVE and THEY DON’T. Clothes, accessories, house, car bike, scooty and even bf/gf? People can go to any extent any being jealous. Life is like that. People are like that. The jealousy is always mutual. We fail to realise. Maybe the same person is craving for a life of yours. You never know. Life is like that. People are like that. People keep wishing, keep wanting others’ looks, others’ lives. Ever wanted to have their problems?
My father once told me a story. maybe you have heard it. Let me quote it to you:
Once there was a wise man. He had many followers and admirers who used to come and trouble him. They used to tell him their problems and asked him for a solution. One day he got fed up and went to the Himalayas. But those people even came there to trouble him. He got an Idea. He told them “All of you write your problems on a piece of paper and fold it and give it to me” He kept all the papers in a container and shook it vigorously. he then told them “Everyone take out one chit and open it and accept that problem to be yours from now on” Everybody took I a chit and read it And began to shout “No I don’t want this problem. Mine was better.”
I think you must have understood what I want to conclude from this. You may want their lives but deep down they too have a dark secret.God isn’t partial. Well why would he be? Happiness is in small things of life. Happiness is in a hug you get, in a pat on your back, in sharing a chocolate between 10 friends, in having a pani puri treat, in having to wear your sister’s fab dress, and many more. Maybe someone rich outside is craving for all these. It isn’t about money everytime or about what qualities you don’t have. It’s about what you have and how you make the most of it. Remember: When life gives you a lemon maybe it’s giving twice more to someone else. When you are craving for someone else’s life maybe there is someone who wants yours. Those little moments of happiness you are avoiding right now are your biggest assets. Live them! You’ll know Life is always perfect even in those imperfections.

10 thoughts on “Imperfectly Perfect Life…

  1. Lovely Post Apa ๐Ÿ™‚ Loved It โค I Am Always Been A Victim Of Jealousy & You Cant Believe What People Did To Me Due To Jealously.... But I Thank God That I Never Had The Seed Of Jealousy In My Heart And Thats Why I'm So Content In My Life... ๐Ÿ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jealousy is such a common human emotion. I've been jealous of so many people in my life and sometimes Ironically yes they want my life. Bold to step up and admit “yes I'm jealous”

    Amazing post ๐Ÿ™‚


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