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A Girl’s Letter

Dear Men,

In this letter I haven’t the slightest Idea what I’m gonna write But whatever it will be will be straight From my heart!

I have tried to open my heart out to all you guys since a long time but as you all may be knowing you make it so difficult for all us girls to do that by your pet dialogue “WE ARE THAT WAY…WE ARE BUILD TO BEHAVE THAT WAY” so I would first like to say if you say what you behave with us is because of that Testosterone then I must tell you that even girls have a rush of that hormone but they don’t stare at your private the way you stare at our privates. You would never know what we feel like when you stare us like you are gonna eat it up! We’re not walking pieces of meat that you can devour. That totally makes us feel like kicking between your legs.

The second thing I want to talk about to you is that you people “judge” girls on their beauty….Grade them, rank them! Who the hell has given you the right to do that! You are not the one who has given us birth. “If you want a girl as beautiful as Angelina Jolie Then first you too should look like Brad Pitt” First look at yourself in the mirror then come to judge us on our size, weight, color, face or anything that you consider. I’ve been through times when I pass by some boys with my gang and see boys choosing which girl they like…I mean WTF! First ask us if you are worthy to be chosen! It’s just pathetic…

One of the most important thing i wanted to mention… Actually not mention But I have a question “Have you got any respect for feelings?” You treat girls like they are nothing but just dolls…Play with them and when you get bored leave them! I won’t say bring your Sisters and mothers in between but yeah What if you were a girl and someone did that to you? Just think about it…. You would write thousands of quotes on girls about how they broke your heart and blah blah but when it comes to you a girl’s heart doesn’t matter at all right? Sex is one part of love but it isn’t the whole as most of you think…Actually for some of you love is just nothing For you only sex matters…And you even get “Bored”.

Yes I will say my parents ARE afraid to let me hangout late till night…they are afraid when they see me texting to a boy….My mom is afraid when i choose a sleeveless dress or a short dress…She is afraid when I style more or make a new hairstyle or I wax or i go to parlor ..She is afraid that one of you is there who will break my heart and yes I too am afraid of that. I am afraid to eat a lollipop or an ice cream or a cream roll….I am afraid to even walk on the streets…I am afraid one of you will pass by touching me making me feel uncomfortable. I am afraid to even look straight..i am afraid i might catch you trash talking about me or my friend or might catch you giving those dirty expression…I have many more fears But i would end here. Maybe this would be enough…Maybe it will never be enough but i have just one wish that you people get a life. that I or any other girl would have to ever worry about such pathetic things ever.

Just one more (un)afraid girl.

[P.S.: I got the idea to write such post when I saw this article: dear fellow folks on 18 till i die I’m following this blog. i hope you like my version Though I can never touch her writing standard :P]

17 thoughts on “A Girl’s Letter

  1. Everything expressed above is 120% truth.. Being a guy i should have been taking there side.. But NO! I also get scared when my sisters go out.. I wish everyone would realise it when day and we will see a world when word AFRAID Would hold no meaning.. Nicely written.. Keep sharing your thoughts.. @cutest_devil


  2. AWESOME….
    Girl…. You simply rock…
    You're every penny worthy of being a PPG…
    My Blossoms…
    Keep blooming… Keep spreading ur lovely, bold expressions… The world is yet to be awed by you… And one day it will…


  3. Hey!
    Here is one more girl ready to stand up. I'm so happy that you expressed what you feel.
    My confessions: I'm not afraid of people looking or saying things as much. I can always hit back. But there is something that kills me is opening my heart out to any guy. Because all you get out of it is pain and more pain. For them it is nothing, they do not understand your tears and your fears.

    Amazing post.
    Proud of you girl!


  4. I found your blog just by chance, so as an avid reader I am going to be brutal here.
    I dont know how old you are but your writing reeks of a teenage angst.
    I do agree with a few points raised by you but on the whole it sounded to me like a cry for help from an attention seeking girl. You write as if you hate the attention and the remarks but you cant help getting affected by it. You seem far more frustrated with your parents than boys in general.
    May be you got the raw end of a deal with some jerk douche bag but for your kindest of information, the stereotype u defined here is hardly 10% of the population.

    Having literally shit on ur article I would like to say that I see potential of a good writer. Just get mature, chill out a bit or get laid.whichever works best for you. 🙂


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