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Incomplete Love…

We may or may not have experienced One-sided love but we all have a faint idea that how it can make you feel…This story is as i see one-sided love through my eyes!

For the chat she had…she loved him
For the care he showed….she loved him!
She couldn’t stop smiling every time
She now could make love rhyme
But then one day he told her a secret
He loved a girl who left her and she began to fret.
He told her all those sweet memories he had
Never realizing what feelings she had…
She had just one faith in her heart
Maybe he will like a new start?
And he confessed it one day
He wanted to move on!
She felt a sudden strange happiness
Never knowing he had some other plans
And then one day she told him everything
Not knowing what his answer would bring
“I’ve started falling for you
I’ve started loving you
You are the boy of my dreams
You made me know what love really means”
She said it all on the chat
She thought it would make him glad
But the reply made her surprise sad…
“You are my cutest friend yaar” he said
“Please don’t make it complicated
You are not the one for who I waited
You will always be my priority you know that
But always as a friend, I’ll pamper you my brat”
She cried that whole day
She was left with nothing to say
Not that she was too desperate
But she wanted some love that would never fade
He could give her that fairy tale she knew
God doesn’t make such boys, Only few!
For her his happiness meant a lot
She removed the thought of love from her mind slot
She decided to be happy with whatever decision he takes
She had a belief “For everyone, someone special god makes”
“I would get mine sooner or later
But now I have to help him get her”
For his smile she could do anything
Anything without thinking for her what it would bring.
She thought maybe he is not the one for her
Maybe it’s an incomplete love, just another.

12 thoughts on “Incomplete Love…

  1. Truely written. Often few fail to understand what is being penned above. The sooner the better, else things can get worse.
    Just would like to say, 'there's a perfect someone for everyone on the earth, some are lucky to find them in time, for some, the delay just makes it more fruitful'.
    Lovely post. Keep smiling 🙂


  2. It's just too touching but i would like to say that according to my experiences of Life i have been shown some path of life at every stage and made realized that whatever you left behind, there is always a better coming something and also what you left will be happier in you not being their part. May be this won't make sense to anyone who reads this comment but this is an actual truth. Whatever you lose, you deserve better and better and the one you lose also gets the best according to them. So everything is balanced and happiness is retained.

    Very touching and nice heart share App, Keep writing always.. God Bless


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