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The White Dress

“Her hair is just so perfect Actually everything about her is unignorable and you know…” He couldn’t stop talking about his crush and she couldn’t resist but keep staring at him madly….crazily as he talked She was in a half listening and half thinking mode! “He is just perfect for me but….”. They had been friends for 2 years now and she didn’t even realize when she started falling for him but one day he broke her heart by telling that he likes someone and since then she was his secret keeper.

” I wish he understood what I felt for him… I wish he understood why I wore his favorite color white today” she thought. “Oh Boy! you keep on babbling about her just go and talk to her once!” She totally didn’t want to utter those words but did! “I will one day” and with this he gave her a good-bye hug! “I love you so much” She thought. “I wish she realized that it was her who I was taking about! Why doesn’t she ever catch my hint? Why can’t she notice me admiring her in the white dress she was wearing today?”

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