Micro Fiction: A Mistake

“Now this is my first attempt on a Micro Fiction And i was encouraged for writing this by my friend’s blog Isle Jazz I hope You all like it :)”

She kept staring at moon like she was waiting for an answer. She could hear the faint voices of her parents talking “Her life is totally destroyed What will she do now?” it was her father. “I think we should send her somewhere else where no one knows her” said her mother in a disappointed tone. Now she clenched closely to her own body she couldn’t stop her tears anymore. “Afterall it’s all her mistake why did she trust that guy so much? It’s only her fault!” She could feel that obvious anger. “Yes it’s all my mistake.I’ve been raped the boy I trusted. But he only wanted pleasure. The pleasure he got from my body. And for that he seeded that trust in me and Now here I am all alone Hiding from society and he’s roaming out there freely…. Proudly! It’s only MY MISTAKE” No one was there to hear her except the moon!


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