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Many Opportunities Lie

“Don’t worry darling! When one door closes the other always remains open!” These were the words of my father when He found me crying in my room… I was crying because of the fact that I didn’t perform upto my parents’ expectations in Competitive exams! I was always thought to be intelligent not just by my parents but by many others….and that one thing made me a lot more sad then I should have been!Actually sometimes when I look back to that time I feel other people felt so much interested in what I do!

Now Let’s go back to some flashback…… Ahh there it is! The time when my 10th result was out! Everyone was so happy! I secured 92% marks as never thought! It was a surprise for everyone including me too.. Whatever it was it felt good! it was three years back in 2009. It was a big time for me i felt like I’m on the ninth cloud and still felt some kind of nervousness…Because it was time I had to Finally decide what i would choose…maths Or Biology…I left no other option to myself because 10th class made me love these two unconditionally! And after pondering over both the subjects and by consulting a lot of people I finally decided to take maths! It was Finally time for me to start studying like a Bookworm! (which I had never done in my life and god knows what helped me in my 10th boards). You know when we are in 10th our teachers and parents tell us “Just work Hard this year and have fun rest of your life” When you enter 11th everyone is like “Just work hard these 2 years and have fun rest of your life” And then when you enter engineering they are like “Just work hard these 4 years and enjoy rest of your life PG will be fun!” I don’t know what they try to do…But whatever it is they fail in most of the cases….

So yeah We started with coaching really good I worked hard for two weeks and then I was like “i can understand all this really well…I don’t need to work that hard” And everything worsened…. I mean i reallly understood everything but forgot that I will forget all that soon and to remember it i need to Read it over and over again…My percentage fell down and I took it negatively Like every other teen…My parents were really worried..Me too but they thought I didn’t because i didn’t work for it at all…

Finally When The 12th came and The end of it was near… I really felt like I was gonna get a nervous break Down…I mean i was not that bad at studying and learning But everybody built so much pressure on me…my family, friends, relatives, teachers…everybody had their own Expectations My coaching sir told me he expected me to clear AIEEE and I could do that! But the problem was that I wasn’t good with competitive exams I always get nervous, or tick the wrong one, or do any such kind of mistake…but this time it was worse! The first paper leaked out and the second paper was really really really tough…twisted questions and all and I was exhausted by studying in the break of 3 hours…..OMG! i ruined it all!!!! I felt like the world’s end!

But still MP-PET (Madhya Pradesh Pre Engineering Test) was left as an option with many good colleges….But i never knew what my mom had in mind! I didn’t make it to the best colleges…But some other good colleges in that exam But my mom thought she would keep me in my own city in one college….It was a good college but Mostly people criticized it you know it’s said “ghar ki murgi daal barabar”? In the same way It was popularized by everyone in the city! I was against my parents’ decision first…they tried to explain the reason a lots of times but I didn’t listen to them! Finally I made up my mind that I’ll go with their decision and entered the college…And thought they were right..It was not that bad! Actually It was better than my expectations…And i still had the chance to study hard and get good ranks here and study hard for GATE and CAT and do PG from a better college!

I could have taken a drop and maybe after it i would have ruined it far more or even chances were their that I would have improved But who cares…there are Still opportunities for me Lying ahead have you ever heard “BETTER LATE THAN NEVER”? Same is what i feel now! People read stories about famous people and their famous failures they praise them for a time and then forget it! Why not implement the thought? Failures always lead to success. THE END

You know when one door closes on people’s face they think it’s the end of the world…and feel like dying. Always remember Dying is never an option. God has always planned something for you and maybe it is better than your own wishes! Never lose hope and strive ahead…Work hard and one day You will acheive What you always wanted! Suicide is never an option! whenever you feel that way always consult someone wiser than you…Maybe not your parents but any other elder person.

I have seen many cases where people cry when their result turns out bad…and when i tell them other options they are Don’t even Try to consider them…I don’t know what they feel about them..But the point is no job is big or small “keechad mein hi kamal ugte hain” Right????

Even if I would have failed in engineering I would have been left with other options Like B.Sc. and with that i could enter research field…and do some good for the society…Similarly their is never an end If you fail In medical Or In any other field just search for a ray of hope and You will be guided…

“Life is the way you take it….Just Always Stay Postive”

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