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Confession Of a "Blessed Daughter"

When I was born It’s obvious I was too small to know that I am a girl or a boy…But my parents knew very well….I was there first child and for my family I was the second child…the second Girl child! Many people would have been disappointed to see a girl child “AGAIN”. But this was not the case with my family…They celebrated my birth… And I think God was too happy with my family for this and thus blessed it with three more girl children after me…!!!

“Kitne dukh ki baat hai” a man said this to my Grandmother….”Kya matlab?” She clearly knew what he wanted to say and was filled with anger but still tried to confirm (she thought may be he’ll understand he said wrong) “I mean Fourth time a girl! That’s sad to hear” He said without hesitation….My grandmother was filled with anger to hear this statement of his! My Aunt (Chachi) was blessed with a girl as her first child. “You know why I have four girls in my house? because even God knows that who respects the gift of God! Now i would like you to never come at my house again because i don’t want my kids to ever see your face” That was my grandmother’s Words in anger! I totally love her for saying that! Mostly we see Elder people asking for a boy child…Expecting a boy child from their daughter-in-laws all the time But my grandmother was different. She knew that bot are ‘equal’ and believed in the same logic! She always says “humare ghar hi paanch betiyan kyun ayi pata hai? kyunki bhagwan bhi janta hai ki bacchiyon ki kadr kaun karega”. Not only for her own daughters and grand daughters she is that way…but even for her daughter-in-laws she has the same feeling. she treats them as her own daughters and loves them. She has a special place for my mother I don’t know the reason but she does….Even my mother and father had a love marriage and it was ‘Inter-Caste’ but she was never against this marriage…..My grandmother is one of A kind woman that anyone would love as a mother, a mother in law, a friend, a wife, a daughter, a sister or any other role…Since my grandfather died before i was born she is playing the roles of both in our family. She has a special soft corner for me…. even my mother doesn’t know the reason maybe because i was the second girl child and maybe she had the fear many will criticize it but she loves me a lot and my other sisters too. She is well educated herself and has struggled a lot to teach her 5 children and made them capable to give excellent education to their children. She has taught me lessons of struggle in life to achieve what you want…to love endlessly, to share, and to be a good example for everyone.

(my bua and my smallest sister are still missing in this pic)

As far as my Bua (my father’s sister) is concerned. She is the one who has the most love for all of us! she is elder than my father but still unmarried and I don’t think she will ever marry anyone….She believes we 5 our her own daughters and has in store endless love and care. She is the one who has pampered us as well as scolded us too. She is the one who always is there to fulfill every wish of ours and she is the one who will scold us first for every mistake of ours too. Just let your words of wish come out of your mouth and the wish has been turned into reality by her! I never understand from where she has acquired so much love for us girls but she never looks dissatisfied with her life! Like every other member of my family she has a short temper as well and i am afraid of it too…..but as soon as she gets angry she forgets it too…!

These are the two ladies in the house I appreciate a lot! I have learned a lot from them. My family i.e. Me , my father, my mother and my sister don’t live in my hometown Because of dad’s job in other city but every time we visit there we don’t feel like we are outside our home. I don’t know if the situation had been different if we stayed there and I even don’t care about wondering over it but I just love the way everything is. Both mu uncles and aunts are so much loving and caring Have surprises for me and my sisters everytime we visit there and we have a lot of fun there. They treat us as their own kids…never differentiate always have store of love that never gets empty…what more will a person long for?

My mother and father are just superb…I don’t have any words to say anything about them. I just can’t thank them enough. They have raised me and my sis better than people raise their boys! I know there are always some restrictions Indian parents make to girls…and they have made them too…But I don’t complain about it now! They have given us everything we ever wanted…Never demanded anything but just to “Study Well”. What more a girl will ever want? My parents are both teachers by profession but never told us if they didn’t have enough resources to fulfill our wishes they just did their best every time! Their marriage is Love marriage “Inter Caste” and mostly such marriages don’t work out But this case was different! there marriage is just not successful but very famous as the Greatest Pair too…. Not just for us but for others too they have the same love and kindness…And that makes them my “Hero”. i can never see tear in their eyes and for that reason I even broke up with a person I loved a lot. He was my BF for 2 years but as my mother came to know about him she cried a lot. She didn’t like him and for her sake I broke up…. i don’t know it’s right or wrong but I can never hurt her. I only have one wish that even after marriage I can live with them and if not I keep doing something for them all the time. They have been role models for many of their students and I am one of them!

I feel proud to have such a great family and I call myself “Blessed”. I pray to god that In every birth of mine I am blessed with the same family over and over again.

People say “ladkiyan baap ke kandhon par bhoj k samaan hoti hain” but my family doesn’t think that way they have done everything to teach us and to make us capable of supporting ours and their needs Now it’s our turn to do our best and give them what they need. And I promise I will do my best Always!

I have only one prayer at the end to god! please bless ever girl with the same family as mine…. I don’t know why people kill girls but they really have a special something and that is what i have figured out by seeing every girl and woman i have encountered in my 19 years on this planet. Please give people the wisdom to know the true value of a girl. Let them know how blessed they are. “Ek beta shayad apko apke dukh ke samay chhod ke chala jaye par ek beti humesha apke sath khadi rahegi”

2 thoughts on “Confession Of a "Blessed Daughter"

  1. It's after long that I have found some blogger I know very well.. 🙂 A blog very well conceived. A post very well written. Aparajita, you have such a lot of talent in you! Keep up the good work.


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