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The bitter truth!

Lets see some Truths of out society and Our leaders!

The far out vision...
True enough we all know about the law of nature “Survival of the fittest” And the same gets applied everywhere. People who have resources get everything but what about the deficient? Why we don’t do anything for them? For Development It’s important for overall development. I hope people understand it soon! Somewhere it’s roots lie in corruption and politics…

The unstoppable growth….
Unresulted debates on corruption have been made are are still going on! There is like no stop to it! Out fathers have fought for it…Now it’s our turn! Roots are stronger but not impossible to cut!

The Voice Never Heard
What the fact lies beneath is…Politics is involved everywhere! Politics swallows up the voice raised for improvement and it always remains unheard!

The banks…
Yes! the vote banks! I don’t know you people have heard of it or not but I have read about it a lot! Every political party has a set vote bank! It’s probably visible that people from one caste mostly vote for one common party cos that party works in their favour (or even not) Either way Politics works the way it wants!

“Healthy” Competition!?
When first The reservation was taken into consideration by the constitution it was made only valid for first 10 years and only for Harijans. But Politicians for their good are still stretching reservations till now! to maintain their vote banks! This reservation is not removing the caste system but making it more prominent! More and more castes are now demanding reservations! Is it right if the deserving ones our deprived form what they deserve????

Some compromises…
We all know about the casting couch business of Bollywood! But It just not stops with just Bollywood! It has it’s roots in every field! You can’t even think of! Even politics as the news has been heard on news channels…We don’t know it’s true or not! But still possibilities are of any option! Business is also filled with compromises! Not only for women but for men too…

It’s never by choice always due to some kind of pressure on girls! Sometimes girls under age of 18 are kidnapped and sent to this business for making money! sometimes some girls have to do this because they find no other choice for survival!

Beggar Buisness….
I think everyone has seen Slumdog Millionaire…We all our aware with this side! Children are kidnapped of any age and raised to become beggars!!!!

Female Foeticide…
I think many people believe that girls don’t have right to live! Okay so kill all the girls and eventually you’ll be left with no boys too! I think those people forget that only girls have blessing to give birth to a new life! Or If you prefer your boys to be gay you can continue…! Okay no? so you let her live…then? It doesn’t stop there….people even snatch from them their rights to get educated, to have freedom to do what they want…they are treated like slaves and are married are considered burden….When will this small mentality of people grow big?

Child Marriage
We all know about the show Balika Vadhu It’s about children who are forced to get married in small age and what they go through after marriage… At the age of playing an studying…The innocence of these small kids is snatched from them! Mostly it is problematic to the girls…as the boys are given what they require but girls suffer many other problems. they are required to work at homes and not play…. get pregnant at small age causing miscarriages and even death of girls…sometimes their husbands leave them when they find love outside or if unnatural death is caused to the boy at small age the girls are held responsible! It’s banned by the constitution but still goes on secretively at many small villages.

Money Matters…
I think you all know about the dowry system and also that it is illegal! But do people who still continue it know about that?

And He kept saying…(and kept doing!)
Domestic violence is another bitter truth of India! Woman are beaten up in houses for not bringing dowry or for other reasons! They feel helpless and can’t seek for ways to get out of this circle of torture! Some commit suicides some are beaten or burned to death! Some who are stronger are successful to come out! What about who are not?

Everybody knows about the recent case of molestation in Guwahati! A girl being tortured by 30 men…watched by crowd of 100+ and no one has the guts to save her but had guts to video tape it! And this country preaches that Women our God’s gift! It’s the same country that worship’s Woman As Goddesses! Harsh Reality Difficult to digest!

Honour Killing
India is a country with rich cultural heritage and diversity! It’s the house of many religions! But I think many people don’t consider it “One” therefore intercaste or inter religion marriages our not supported! But some people have so much hatred that they feel that Honour killing is the only option left! Let me explain it’s meaning: In order to save their “pride” they kill their own family member who was once beloved to them! I don’t feel there is any kind of honour in it! The constitution has given rights to people to make their own personal decisions and no one has the right to snatch them! No one is given the right to kill…. make love not kill…..


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