He still has that place…

So It’s story about yesterday! I was just browsing through Facebook with nothing special on it and suddenly A thought of a person I’ve known for 7 years came in my mind! My hands automatically went for the mouse and i clicked on the search box typed the name and searched for him!!! Opened his pro and started looking at his photographs! “He still looks the same to me” Was the first thought in my mind! It was my first crush’s profile!

I went back in flashback to the time I first saw him! He was the first guy who i ever had crush on! And I don’t know what was that thing that attracted me towards him but It felt really good whenever he was around! He is two years older to me and I was shy enough to not being able to ever talk to him! But I was successful enough to tell my feelings to him over an internet message! That’s it! I still have dreams about him like I used to do before! Just few days ago we were together in one theater watching movie and I so much wanted him to smile at me once! Just once..

So now I kept browsing his profile when I saw some song lyrics related to heart break…And I saw the comments…and there her best friend’s comment was about his break up with some girl! I don’t know it was true or she was just teasing him! Whatever it was It made me totally uneasy! I felt like crying that moment and kept watching that commenting in a way of analysing it in my mind! Then suddenly I thought “Why I am doing this! I am behaving like that I never had boyfriend in this time period!” I felt this thought only in the mind and not by heart! My heart was still crying!

Why did it happen I don’t know! But it made one thing clear that he still has that special secure Even after four yeas of his negative answer to my proposal! And even today when I see him I feel butterflies in my stomach! Is that love or just attraction??

2 thoughts on “He still has that place…

  1. I think your blog is going to be my one-stop-destination for leisure reading. I usually write similar posts. And, even I was wondering about writing this post as “The first crush is always special”.. 🙂


  2. ahahahah I think everyone thinks of writing about their first crush sometime or the other!! and I think you too shoul..please tell me the link if you have a blog till will be glad to follow it 🙂


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