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Something Called Love—Chapter 2: Some Decisions

“She dreamt it that night…
Sitting besides her in Candlelight!
Was love of her life…
Asking her to be his wife”

“Anjuuu…. get up! You’ll get late for the school”, Anjali woke up at the call of her mother! The smile was so wide that she was unable to hide it anyway! “Holy shit Why was it only a dream!God please make that all true.” She giggled!

“So that’s what the problem is! What should I do?”, Anjali told Sanjana at school. “Hmm….what can I tell you yaar! It only depends on you! vaise you know na he would probably say no!?” “Yup i know! But I think if i’ll tell him once I’ll feel better when he leaves…What you say?”, I said smiling. “I hope I feel okay!”, I thought!

“Why do you talk to her? You know I don’t like her!” “But why do you hate her she is so nice! She is my very good friend! I like talking to her”, Arjun told Surabhi. “But…”, She interrupted. “I don’t know why you hate her..she likes you…and i liker her as a friend…and i’m not gonna leave her!”,Arjun was determined! “Fine! If that’s what you want don’t ever talk to me again!”, “Why do you say that all the time? I don’t tell you to talk to her? I like her and I can’t stop talking to her! that’s my final decision!”, He told Angrily! He had that commanding look on his face that surprised Surabhi he was never like that with her. She had a little feeling in her inside that Arjun liked her and Anjali was a threat…But this totally was different for her! He walked away and she had nothing to say!

“I want to tell you something!”, Sanajna said in a meek voice. “You know day before yesterday what happened between you, me and Arjun? remember?” Anjali Now knew the whole scene! “Listen I’m sorry if we hurted you! But that was totally not what he meant I know! You…” “But you now it could’ve hurt me still you laughed on his shitty joke? I mean Is he that important to you Anjali? I feel you forget me with him!” Interrupted with this type of answer Anjali was totally surprised! She never thought Sanjana could feel that way! They had been best friends like Forever. She meant like a sister to her, She loved her with all her heart! “You know Sanjana I’m extremely sorry! I can never hurt you! But I thought you both are friends and you won’t get hurt. Sanju I’m your best friend! You tell me what should i do! I’ll do whatever you say!”, she had that regret in her eyes! “Please don’t talk to him whenever you are with me! please?”, She was amazed! And happy from inside “At least she didn’t as me to break Friendship”, She thought. “You know why I didn’t ask you to break friendship?”, Sanjana had a smirk in her eyes! “Why?” “Never Mind”, Sanjana giggled…. She thought she should keep it a secret for the right time!

“So now my Final decision is I’ll tell him!” “Good for you I think! when Will you accomplish it?” Arjun asked as he took out his cycle. ” I…I have not decided it yet maybe after Preboards”, Anjali thought after some thinking. “hmmm It’s your decision That’s good!”, Arjun smiled. “You know Arjun….I always prayed I could ever talk to him but for some reason I could never! I so much wanted to be in the Tagore house when I was in 6th just to be with him…But didn’t get a chance! Now I am with him in the same house but still I’m unable… we were in the same play too… I don’t know why this happens…Maybe Internet will help me somehow But I know it’s too late”, She was utterly disappointed! “Don’t be sad yaar! maybe it had to be this way maybe you deserve something more better!?”, Arjun tried to comfort her She smiled looking in his eyes.

“ANJIIII…… Come na!” This was Sanjana! “COMING! Arjun I need to go now bye!” “But we three always go together! what’s new today?”, Arjun questioned this uneasy gesture by both girls. “Ummmmm…. Actually Sanjana is angry with you…She told me not t talk to you when we both are together!”, she tried to explain to him. “So? If she is angry why should you not talk to me? You are my friend too….” Arjun was Angry…this surprised Anjali…she never thought he would react that way! “why Arjun It’s not a big deal…You both talk on this topic and sort it out…I don’t want to be the beech ka bandar” and with this she left him! She told everything to Sanjana! She started laughing “That was the reason” she said.”For what?”, Anjali asked. “Never Mind!” Anjali got a slight Hint!

Arjun too was surprised on his behavior. “What am I doing?” He thought while cycling home. “I fought with Surabhi today and now Anjali! What’s happening to me! Is she…No…No she is not that important…Hai na???”, he tried to keep this thought away from hi mind for the rest of the day!

“What happened to him!? It totally must be Surabhi I know…She is the reason…They were talking today and I feel she told him not to talk to me and that’s why he was Uneasy…I’ll talk to him tomorrow about this” Anjali thought while reading her novel before sleeping. “But what was Sanjana Thinking!? I think she has gone mad…actually she is mad!” She giggled and went back to her reading….

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