Micro Fiction: A Mistake

"Now this is my first attempt on a Micro Fiction And i was encouraged for writing this by my friend's blog Isle Jazz I hope You all like it :)"She kept staring at moon like she was waiting for an answer. She could hear the faint voices of her parents talking "Her life is totally destroyed What… Continue reading Micro Fiction: A Mistake

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Many Opportunities Lie

"Don't worry darling! When one door closes the other always remains open!" These were the words of my father when He found me crying in my room... I was crying because of the fact that I didn't perform upto my parents' expectations in Competitive exams! I was always thought to be intelligent not just by… Continue reading Many Opportunities Lie

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Confession Of a "Blessed Daughter"

When I was born It's obvious I was too small to know that I am a girl or a boy...But my parents knew very well....I was there first child and for my family I was the second child...the second Girl child! Many people would have been disappointed to see a girl child "AGAIN". But this… Continue reading Confession Of a "Blessed Daughter"

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The bitter truth!

Lets see some Truths of out society and Our leaders!The far out vision...True enough we all know about the law of nature "Survival of the fittest" And the same gets applied everywhere. People who have resources get everything but what about the deficient? Why we don't do anything for them? For Development It's important for… Continue reading The bitter truth!

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Ankhein Kehti Hain

Ankhein bhi kitni ajib hoti hain...Ek nazar me kitna  kehti hain!Uthti hain jab kisi ke deedar mein...Khushi badha deti hain kisi ki muskaan mein!Jhukti hain toh kehlati hai haya...Kabhi doob jati hain uss samay mein jo chala gaya!Chup na pata hai unmein vo dardChahe koi chupana muskurahat mein agar!Ansu na chupte hain lakh chupane se...Dard… Continue reading Ankhein Kehti Hain