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They Have The Same Dreams…the Same Emotions…the Same Desires

“I know I have made a mistake! But what I did was because I loved him”, She cried! “Is he not the culprit in all this?”, she asked! But no one answered. The society called her a Whore. Just because she was pregnant. 2 months ago she never thought this could ever happen to her! She was totally in love with this boy! But the dark fact lying beneath this relationship, she didn’t realise!!!!

“She is too sexy! I just want her! Bas ek baar mil jaye toh maza aa jaye Zindagi ka”, he told his friends. “So get her! I bet she will fall for you!Dude you are the EXPERT” & she did! she made the biggest mistake of her life! His Lust won and she was called a Slut! These two words composed of the same 4 alphabets arranged in different manner changed that girls life for once and for all! The society left her no option but to Die!!! No one criticised the boy! Nothing ever changed for him! He still is a playboy! And he doesn’t care!

This cruel Male dominated society only criticises women for everything and guys for nothing! Why is it so? Do guys don’t have any hand in all this? Just because girls are affected doesn’t mean only she is responsible! They just did it all in love! I know it’s all wrong. But what can she do??

“Do you love me??” “Yes baby more than myself” “Then why are you saying no” “It’s just i am a little afraid!” “Don’t be afraid! i am here! You trust me na!” “Yes darling…” This one YES!!!! Only this yes is responsible???? Not that convincing??? Why don’t guys understand that love doesn’t lie in sex. Love is above it all!!

Actually Society thinks girls are responsible because they wear small dresses. Short skirts, shorts, Capri, even jeans. But why? If these dresses are made it is natural for girls to get attracted to wear them! They wear all these dresses for their love for them and their satisfaction. Not to attract boys!

Few days ago…I was watching “Gumraah” a show telecast on [V] channel. It shows how teenagers of today make mistakes and ruin their life for forever! In one of it’s episodes the told how a girl was gang rapped by a gang of boys from a small city…just because she wore small clothes. They had the mentality that girls wear small clothes to attract boys! One small truth they fail to realize that it will ruin her life for forever!!! WHY can’t they think before they act? That girl cried “please don’t do this” But they didn’t listen! Was that a mistake of that girl? No! but the society thought so! And because of that reason her parents were ashamed and didn’t complain in the police!

Actually such a mentality in boys is induced by the society itself! Their parents and relatives tell them that girls wear such clothes to attract boys! Now the whole blame comes on society!

Every next day we hear stories of rapes, molestations, Eve teasing, etc. But nothing major action takes place to stop them! In one episode of Gumraah Another Mind boggling story was shown. It was centralized on a girl whose family was very strict! And because of this reason she never talked to any boy. Once a boy in order to propose her gave her a letter she refused the proposal but by mistake kept that letter in her bag! Her brother saw that letter and started blackmailing her! He kept a proposal in front of her! He said that He’ll never tell anyone if she kept satisfying his needs! And we all know what his need was! HE even brought his friends home to satisfy ‘their needs’. The girl once told her mother about all this! The mother couldn’t find any other option and Poisoned her!

Who’s to be blamed in all this? The brother? The girl? Or the mother? Or the cruel society that was responsible for that girl’s and mother’s fear! the society needs to change….We need to change! Only then girls will be able to feel safe in this Nation!!! 

India is rich in it’s culture and heritage! Hindus pray to goddesses but fail to understand the importance of Women in real life! Only this awakening needs to be brought in the Society!

We need to ensure that girls feel free to live in this world!!! They don’t live with an ever lasting fear in their hearts of being physically tortered by boys or by this cruel society!

My parents Are very strict! they don’t allow me to go out with my friends! I used to get very angry about all this! Then they used to tell their pain to me! They told me that it was not them who stopped me! It was their fear…the fear of the cruel society and the Immature mankind! That could harm me!!! I don’t blame them now! I really Don’t!

4 thoughts on “They Have The Same Dreams…the Same Emotions…the Same Desires

  1. Really Good moral with understanding. I am sharing it too but with some editing 😉

    RESPECT FOR WOMENS…but we males just lack in it unfortunately :(. It is somewhere coming from our ancestors and we all are following it. Anyways, cant blame anyone other than ourselves cuz at last it is our own life an point of view and how to treat others considering them an human or just like a street dog Like

  2. totally right! thaks for all the appreciation! I am happy you liked it! 🙂 Go ahead with writing it on your blog too! These kind of posts need to be written to bring awareness!


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