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Road Of Life….

I wrote this poem when I was in 10th class…. I Still like it a lot! I hope you all will like it too…

A long journey awaiting…
And my bag God was packing!
Journey is exciting, end is sad.
My arrival will make everyone glad!
The time has arrived for it to start…
I know…It will be slow not fast!
Start is smooth…middle is rough…
The end will be the most tough!
Knowing all this the journey started…
My Mother’s wish was Finally granted!
The childhood was the time of gold!
Toughest time started when i turned 13 years old!
That part of road was a mess…
The things happening their no one can gues!
Time was hard on adult road…
Where there is one bus that everyone wants to board!
Finally end was near…
And i had some fear!
I felt like i’m being threatened…
And thought of everything that happened!
Then i broke all the strings i tied…
And at last I DIED!

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