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Something Called Love— Chapter 1: Best Friends

“We can never be together again, sorry”
“But I will always wait for you”
*I will always wait for the day i can get back to you….Always*

“I know you like her a lot, why don’t you just say it to her?”, she asked him. Arjun got lost in his thoughts, “I can’t even talk to her…she makes me go blank.” Anjali giggled as she took out her cycle from the parking. For last 5 months they had been attending the same coaching and it led them to become good friends…and gradually to best one’s! 5 months ago they didn’t even think of talking to each other. But now they were like best of friends.

“At least my situation is better than you”, he said. “You wouldn’t be able to see him after 3-4 months…u know na?”, he asked looking in her eyes. “Please don’t remind me…. How would i even live? I mean from 6th grade i have been liking him and now suddenly…Accha chod…I gotta go now …Bye good night…meet you tomorrow at school”, she left. Arjun went his way. Anjali fell in love with Vishal when she was in 6th grade and Vishal was in 8th grade. She never dared talking to him! The first time she saw him….she fell in love with him. 

Actually in 6th grade she had entered the senior building of her school. With new uniform something more changed in her life! She was now changing from inside. Now she started looking towards everything with a new perception. She was going through the changes every girl went through of her age. She was entering her teens…She started realising that there was one more thing important in her life but she was not able to figure it out…until she finally saw him. One afternoon during monsoon she was standing outside with her gang of friends in school during recess chatting and gossiping. Suddenly her eyes fell on him…It was Vishal. He was approaching her…His light brown eyes gleeming with joy. She didn’t know the reason behind it but she fell in love with those eyes! He didn’t even notice her and walked past her but she had captured it all. The way he walked…the way he laughed… the way he was talking to his friends, his dark brown hairs which waved in the cool breeze! His voice was echoing in her ears “Yaar I’m the Vice captain, I can’t Believe it” She suddenly realised it.

For Arjun his story started in 9th class when Nidhi came to live in her colony…Just in front of his house! *peep* It was a car horn! He came outside to see what was it! And then he saw her coming out of the car. He couldn’t help but capture that innocent face in his eyes. She looked quite happy to be in the new city. And he was happy that she was his neighbour. But to his great surprise and joy she was also in his own school…but in 8th. It would have been more easier for him to talk if she was in the same class as he was a little shy!

“So you’ve never talked to her? Dude! She lives in front of your house! Go talk to her!”, Anjali said and giggled. “I know but you know na how i am? You study in my class from 12 years and still i have never talked to you! But she… she means a lot more than you! My mother goes to her house daily even after that i can’t talk”, he sighed. “Never mind…she is in my sister’s class and her good friend. Maybe she can help?”, Anjali asked. “No! Never it would be so awkward!” “Okay as you wish”.Thas was the first time when Arjun told Anjali about Nidhi. “I have told Surabhi about her like a loads of times… She always says she’ll help me! Let’s see who wins! You or Her!”, He said jokingly. “I don’t care I just want You to be happy….i don’t care who brings that happiness”, she smiled. Arjun felt something but didn’t say anything. The bell rang and their free period was over…And they headed towards their class. It was their 10th grade and boards too…but They were not able to concentrate. For Anjali the fact was that this year Vishal would leave the school forever and she would never be able to see him again.

“How can I? I mean he is 2 years older! what will he think? But I need to tell him my feelings” She thought while cycling back home. “I ought to….I really think I love him. I’ll surely find a way”, with this she entered her house. “Hi baby, you back? come on change your clothes and come for dinner. How were your class today?”, her mom said. “It were absolute fun ma! You know Arjun came late again today and mam again joked on him” “Okay leave all that fatafat kapde badal kar neeche aao everyone is hungry.”

After dinner Anjali was lost in her thoughts about Vishal. “You know what happened today?”, it was her sister Ananya. she was 1 year younger than Anjali…and they got into a long chat and then Ananya finally slept. Anjali again got lost in her thoughts ” May be Sanjana can help me in this…. I’ll talk to her tomorrow.” She switched off the lights….

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