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Yoga: A Way To Make Life Better!

So, I think i need to tell everyone what is one of the most beautiful thing that has happened in my life! And that thing is YOGA! People tell about their love, their friends and all kinds of stuffs like that but why i chose this one first is because of the person who has started this awesome Yoga Society in my City ‘Ujjain Yoga Life Society’. That person is Pt. Radheshyam Mishra. He is one person i adore a lot!! He has taught so many things to me and my family!


Actually i was not the person in my family who got in touch with yoga first! It was my parents. My mother always wanted to do yoga, she had a special attraction for it! But, my father is kinda lazy in these kind of things!!! Uncle, was a friend of my father as he is a clerk in University and my father is a professor in one of the colleges here! So, they started yoga from a camp held here and as my father mother started losing weight my mother’s problems like Asthma And allergy also Started getting away Just like her fat! there was a magical change in her which i LOVED!!!

Still….I was not convinced enough…I totally thought all this would be so boring!!! Boring practices, boring people and boring uncle teaching them boring asanas. My mother father convinced me a lots of times but i never listened to them! Even, I met uncle in one Marriage Ceremony and he was A handsome, Dashing Young Man!! I could’ve never imagined him like that! But he was!!! But still i didn’t join! I’m a stubborn person myself!

Then, came the time when i started this magical journey like i wanted it to be like!!!! Want to guess how it started?? I bet you can never! NEVER! Okay.. So let me Erase all those questions from your mind and finally tell you!! It started with a PICNIC! Yoga PICNIC! an outing by all Awesome Yoga People! Hahahahah….yes! And as I never Imagined Those people were one of their kind! All fashionable ladies in jeans and tops..and all cool men out there! having fun talking about Hilarious moments in their practice sessions and Playing Games! I made friends with Daughter of Radheshyam Uncle and it was really a beautiful friendship! We now share many secrets with Each other, Had had awesome fun in International Yoga Seminar (IYS-2) at the book stall! And that’s how my journey began!

Yoga has taught a lot…not just to make our body healthy but also how to make are mind healthy! How to live life perfectly! It has taught me to be positive…to love my body and to HELP! People here are all involved in great works of helping the poor,health checkup,etc and to spread the word about yoga!

They rejuvenate lives and bring out your true self and that is one thing that makes you stand out!

They build personality and make you a better human being! Uncle also takes English classes and Personality classes for people who need it! Because he even deals with People outside India and he needs his people to interact With them too. He has Been abroad too many times! My mother is now Spiritually attached to yoga! She is learning yoga and Uncle adores her a lot! She is one person he trusts a lot! For seminars for his outings and for various camps!

I suggest that all people must do yoga! Because it not only keeps you healthy and fit but also makes your body flexible! It does not involve sweating and getting tired! it involves exercise and relaxation at the same time! It’s not like heavy workouts that do not let you be fresh and fit and healthy and make you more tired! It’s a natural and healthy way..and makes you build strong healthy body and mind! To build Your concentration as well!!!

Your’s In YOga!

Namaste 🙂

2 thoughts on “Yoga: A Way To Make Life Better!

  1. Blame my hectic schedule, never got to practise yoga. But this is truly inspiring me to take up yoga again. Do tell me, if you plan to hold yoga classes. Hehe, good post though. Keep posting. 🙂


  2. Hectic schedule always ruins the personal life!!!! It's very difficult to do what you want I hope you succeed to take out time for yoga….and i am just 19 years old…when i'll achieve what i want i'll surely start my yoga classes 🙂


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